5iv3 (5iv3) wrote in biteme_bistro,

Elephant Stew

1 large elephant
Plenty of brown gravy
salt and pepper to taste
2 rabbits (optional)

Cut elephant into bite-size pieces (allow about 2 mths to do this)
Hold aside trunk, you can use this to store the pieces.
Put elephant in large (very large) pot; add enough gravy to cover.
Cook over kerosene fire at 450 degrees for about 4 weeks, or until golden brown.
Serves 3,800. If more guests are expected, 2 rabbits may be added.
However, This should be done ONLY if absolutely necessary. Most people dont like to find hare in their stew!
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lol i wonder if i should serve this or toby stew tonight
LMAO toby stew sounds like itd be a good one too. especially how much money that assholes made thus far? he could afford to be thrown in the pot as well.

Sounds Nummy!